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How it Works

How it Works?

Save time: by simply taking 2 minutes to fill out our enquiry form, your contact details will be sent to 3 cleaning contractors who will in turn contact you with the cleaning quotes in an easy to compare manner. Based on the criteria you entered, we will send your details to the best matched companies with proven track records. This saves you the frustration of having to search for different cleaners without properly knowing how to differentiate them

Trusted & reliable network: our pre-screened cleaners are qualified, reliable and trust-worthy. Every week our call centre receives calls from people who booked other cleaners complaining the job they did wasn’t satisfactory, and asking us to send in some new cleaners. We deal with cleaners everyday, so simply put, get cleaning done properly the first time by using our trusted database of cleaners.

Don’t pay too much: our database of cleaners are all priced competitively which ensures you will not be ripped off by someone that doesn’t expect future work from you. There are a huge number of factors that can affect the cost of your cleaning requirements including the equipment the cleaners are using and whether you are paying on an hourly rate or a fixed rate. We only recommend cleaning companies that operate using industry standards.

Free, no-obligation service: we provide this quote service to you free of charge. Once you have obtained the quotes there is no obligation to go with the choices we recommend to you, but based on our customer surveys, over 90% of people who complete the form end using one of the companies we put forward.