How can I Clean My Fabric Sofa Naturally?

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Cleaning the fabric sofa by adopting the natural method is an easy, effective and safe job because you are using your own household cleaner which will not contain any chemicals. People think that cleaning fabric sofa is quite difficult especially natural cleaning method. Definitely no! Fabric sofa cleaning is very simple and never consume more time if you follow the right procedure. People always choose risk-free cleaning by calling the professionals or by using commercial cleaners. I agree commercial cleaners will give fast results in a short time compared to the natural ingredients but think about your health and your family health.

By using the commercial cleaners you are putting your family into the health risks. Whether you have a fabric sofa or leather sofa always try to employee natural method to clean them to ensure 100% chemical free and pollution free family environment. These days most of the professionals suggest natural cleaning methods to clean the furniture. If you are unable to handle the job on your own just give a call to Sofa Cleaning Melbourne company, here the professional cleaners will finish the job in a perfect manner without leaving any issues.

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Things You Need to Clean The Fabric Sofa Naturally

  • Detergent liquid or liquid soap
  • Light colored micro-fiber cloth this will prevent bleeding of the water or cleaner into the sofa fabrics.
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Large bucket
  • Vacuum cleaner with Sofa upholstery Cleaning attachment
  • Distilled water, avoid using tap water as the mineral from the tap water will leave residues.

Cleaning Process

  • First, vacuum the sofa thoroughly to remove the loose dirt, debris, pet hair, dead skin cells from the sofa. Because when you clean the sofa without vacuuming, you will rub the dirt and other particles while cleaning. This will further spoil the entire appearance of the sofa at the end.
  • Fill the bucket with 2 cups of distilled water and 1 part of the detergent liquid and 1 part of white vinegar
  • Mix all the ingredients well and dip the microfiber cloth in the solution
  • Gently blot the stains on the sofa, avoid rubbing or scrubbing the stains as it will penetrate deeper into the sofa fabric.
  • Now, dump the microfiber cloth in the distilled water, do not use detergent liquid or vinegar. Just blot the stain to remove the soap
  • Now take a dry cloth and wipe the surface once again
  • Allow the surface to air dry completely
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Before you use any cleaning material on the sofa check the manufacturer’s instruction or cleaning tag on the sofa to ensure what are the methods are products are safe for the sofa. By chance, if you use the wrong product on your sofa it will completely spoil the fabric of the sofa and leave irreparable damages. Though you are using natural elements it is best to be cautious while choosing the product to avoid unnecessary damages. Once you finish cleaning the fabric sofa naturally allow them to dry under good ventilation. If you have the facility to take the sofa out, just proceed. Let the sofa dry under the bright sun if not open all the windows, doors and switch the fan to dry the sofa.  

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