Summer is coming which means outdoor parties and barbeques. Eating barbecue food is delicious but after a while your BBQ will get very dirty. No worries, here are our tips to help you best clean your BBQ.

Barbecue Cleaning
Barbecue Cleaning
First of all, clean it outdoors so that the dirt and grime doesn’t go inside your home. Put the grill on old newspaper and spray an oven cleaning solution to remove the dirt and excess build up. Leave the solution to sit on the bbq for half a day so it sinks in properly. You should wear gloves because this dirt is not easy to remove, and the oven cleaning solution might be a little corrosive.


Take a plastic bag and remove all the cold cinders to the trash. Take a big brush and start rubbing the barbecue with water. You can also use a special cleaning solution. Over the winter, some insects might have used the barbecue as a home so (of course!) remove them before bbq’ing.


12 hours later, take the grill back and rub it energetically. Replace the grill on the barbecue, and you are ready for your next summer party!

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