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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning:- How to clean your desk efficient

Sometimes, your desk is so messy that you know you have to clean your office but you don’t know how, and where you should start. Otherwise, a clean and tidy desk is a way to boost the productivity for those who are working on it. Let’s see together how to do office cleaning efficiently:

Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning
  • Pick up all the papers into a pile;
  • Find a dustbin where you will dump all your unwanted papers;
  • Classify the rest of the papers;
  • Pick up your cups, plates and bring them back to the kitchen;
  • Put your pencils, pens away: in a drawer for example;
  • Give your desk a quick dust with a damp cloth (you can also use a with a special solution for cleaning);
  • Put in a little box all your staples, paper clips, sharpener … ;
  • There is a lot of things on your desk: office cleaning is also clean your mouse, keyboard, phone, computer’s screen;
  • Empty your dustbin: you’re done with cleaning services!

Don’t forget that more you do it often, less you will have to do next time!