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Save Time & Money
Save Time & Money

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Why Use e_cleaning?

  • Save time and frustration: 30 seconds to complete the form, multiple cleaning quotes provided to you.
  • Reduce the risk: Trusted and reliable: our network of trusted and reliable cleaners are all pre-screened and have proven track records.
  • Save money: don’t get ripped off. All our reputable cleaners are efficient and have the proper equipment to clean your premises.                                                           
  • It’s a free service: that’s right – we don’t charge you for this service and it is also obligation free, so why not give it a try..



ripper of a service, thanks fellas. had all 3 companies call us within the hour and we chose the cheapest. worked out well.“whether its socks or stocks – im looking for value”Read More


E-cleaning takes the hassle out of house cleaning. By completing our 2-minute form, we can provide you with the best options for cleaners in your area. The Office needs cleaning? Easy. We are here to help and promise to deliver.
Professional care is best when it comes to Carpet cleaning or window cleaning. E-cleaning have the most trusted, reliable and cost effective cleaners for you. Our cleaners are trust-worthy, reliable, and offer the most competitive rates in the business.
Be it commercial cleaning or home cleaning you need – we provide you with free cleaning quotes from professional cleaners, it couldn’t be easier!

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Window Cleaning

Some of us just weren’t born for cleaning. The best way to live our lives – some would say – is to be surrounded by convenience. How we wished robots are invented now, then they could do all the work for us.

Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Sometimes we just can’t help having dirt and dust around our home and office since we simply just don’t have time to get such a rigorous cleaning regime done. Especially with window cleaning, where it is the number one source of dirt and dust. Window cleaning are just so painful sometimes that it gets in your nerves. There are so many windows around and it could take such a long time to clean all of them, not to mention the different window cleaning equipment there are to choose from!

The way your home is kept mirrors your personality and attributes. And we all know that windows are the first point of contact and the deciding judgement to how beautiful a home is.

This is also true for an office. How your office looks speaks volume of the company and its dynamic and for that, office window cleaning should be more of a necessity than a need. Window cleaning can be such an exhausting task and to look for strangers to enter your home or office to clean those windows can be daunting. Who is reliable enough? Who can I get with the most efficient work and yet is cost-effective? These are often the questions that haunt us.

Here’s a window cleaning tip for you that is sure to make you smile: E-cleaning!

We have considered your worries and have looked through the areas of concern. With this, we have set up a database that worked just like how you want a robot to work.

With just 3 seconds of filling out the form, our database would quickly look for the best window cleaning services there are, depending on your requirements! These cleaning services are ensured to provide high-standard services, with affordable prices.

Be it using a karcher window cleanermagnetic window cleaner or other window cleaning supplies and equipment, our database would find you the most suitable window cleaners for your needs. This includes high rise window cleaning services as well.

You can trust us to handle the hassle of choosing which window cleaning services to go with, just as our database of companies can be trusted to make your home and office sparkle.

This also applies to our home cleaninghouse cleaningcarpet cleaning and office cleaningservice options.

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House Cleaning

Hassle free house Cleaning

Having strangers enter your home for the first time can be a daunting. It takes a lot of preparation and first impressions are important so the vacuum, mop, rags and duster come out. As we know the cleaning job doesn’t stop there because after the fun has been had and guests leave, you go at it again.

House Cleaning
House Cleaning
Let’s not discount that cleaning your house is not just a special occasion task but a weekly if not daily chore; one that takes up a lot of precious time and energy. It’s time that adds up.

There is a better way. With professional house cleaning services, your visitors clean for you! The pressure to please is flipped—no longer will you dread cleaning day. Whether it’s a onetime house clean or a regular booking, there’s almost nothing better than taking time out of chores to get on with the business of life. Having a house cleaner outsourced means you can enjoy that time knowing that you’ll come back to a home improved by your neglect.

But, it can be equally if not more daunting to open your home for house cleaning professionals.

Can you trust strangers in every corner of your home? Displaying your personal space and items as you find them? Not to mention the time and energy spent sorting through candidates, finding the right house cleaners for your needs, comparing quotes and trusting them to deliver results to match those costs.

E-Cleaning can help sort the hassle that comes with finding the perfect domestic house cleaningcompany to fit your home and lifestyle.

Fill out a short enquiry online; no charge and obligation free. We’ll sort throughour databasefor matches to your house cleaning needs so you don’t have to and you’ll get a call from the top three candidates. That means no digging around on your part for the best house cleaning company recommendations and quotes. We simplify the process of finding the right people for the right job for best outcomes and best price.

What’s more, all companies in the E-Cleaning database, whether they offer office cleaning or house cleaning are competitively priced. It saves you the frustration of waiting on quotes for a full domestic house cleaning without knowing standard price-points.

Cleaning companies included in the E-Cleaning database are pre-screened. This means they have proven track records and offer professional house cleaning services to industry standards. It couldn’t be easier to find matches and compare prices with E-Cleaning.

Because we aren’t directly involved with cleaning houses for you, we can be objective. That’s a good thing, and it means that you’ll get the best comparative prices the companies in our database have to offer.

We sort through the mess of finding candidates so you don’t have to and our house cleaning professionals can handle any mess you throw at them. Find out for yourself how easy it can be.

This also applies to our carpet cleaningoffice cleaning and home cleaning service options.

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Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning made Easy

Some of us just weren’t born for home cleaning. Mansion or studio, city or suburbs, we all struggle to maintain the luxury standard of living we all long for. Between long working hours, family commitments and social arrangements, cleaning often isn’t a priority. Home cleaning services can be difficult to arrange – with so many to choose from, where do you start? And how do you know who is reliable and trustworthy… That won’t cost an arm and a leg?

House Cleaning
House Cleaning
Finding a trusted and affordable home cleaning service shouldn’t be hard work. We understand the time and effort it takes to find the right people for the job and have taken the time to find the most qualified, reliable and trustworthy cleaning services – so you don’t have to!

Home cleaning is quick and painless with E-Cleaning. We value your time and have designed a simple enquiry form to ensure you get a service tailored to your requirements. With a network of home cleaning companies on hand, we are able to quickly select the three companies best for you, who in turn call you back to arrange your home cleaning as soon as possible.

The home cleaning companies we have chosen for their reliability, price and proven track record. Pre-screened and fully trained in domestic and commercial cleaning, our professionals frequently have clients ecstatic about the results and have come to find other domestic cleaning services unsatisfactory. There are a huge number of factors that can affect the quality of a service and the cost involved. We only recommend cleaning companies that operate using industry standards.

The price of home cleaning is often a deterrent when looking to use a professional cleaning companies. Because each of our suggested home cleaning services provides a competitive quote, you can choose the best possible price. This quote is free of charge and there is no obligation to go with the choices we have recommended for you. Many other house cleaning services charge an hourly or fixed rate – with E-Cleaning, domestic cleaning is priced at the lowest estimate for the job required.

Be it your windows that have been neglected, a long-overdue spring clean required or a regular spruce-up for your home, we can make home cleaning easy for you today. And if it’s a bigger-scale job you need, we are also able to do quotes for office or commercial cleaning.

This also applies to our carpet cleaningoffice cleaning and house cleaning service options.

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