5 Terrible Blunders to Avoid When Steam Cleaning Fabric Curtains | Curtain Cleaning Canberra

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When asked to choose between DIY cleaning hacks and hiring professionals, most homeowners prefer the former. DIY curtain steam cleaning Canberra seems affordable to most people. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and leave your curtains damaged.

Unfortunately, homeowners often ignore the consequences and still prefer performing curtain cleaning by themselves. So, if you are a keen DIY enthusiast, read our blog to avoid making 5 terrible mistakes when performing steam curtain cleaning Canberra!

Let’s get started!

Using Chemical Based Cleaners

The use of cleaning solvent is essential for eliminating dirt and grease from the curtains. However, there is a wide range of curtain cleaning solvents available in the market. And, you should know that locally available detergents that are cheap contain harsh chemicals that can damage your curtains.

Your curtains may have discoloration issues and fabric thinning which reduces the lifespan of the fabrics. Moreover, harsh chemicals can trigger allergic reactions to your kids and pets. Therefore, make sure you go for mild detergents or eco-friendly cleaning solvent for cleaning your curtains.

Scrubbing Curtain Stains

Scrubbing stains on the curtain may seem like the most convenient and easy way of removing them. Unfortunately, scrubbing stains and mold does more damage to your curtains. The stain seeps deeper into the fabric and even spreads further when pressed hard.

This will give you a hard time. Therefore, when it comes to stain treatment or curtain mold removal Canberra makes sure you use stain removers on the spots instead of scrubbing them hard. Be gentle when treating stains, else you can end up causing more damage to the fabrics.

Using Wrong Cleaning Technique

Cleaning curtain fabric ideally can prolong the lifespan of the fabric. However, not a lot prefer reading the instructions first. Washing a curtain in the machine that needs to be dry cleaned is one biggest blunder you can make.

Reading the instructions mentioned on the labels of the curtain is necessary. Make sure you clean your curtains using the appropriate technique.

When it comes to curtain steam cleaning Canberra make sure you use the right tools and mix the correct proportion of water and detergent. Maintaining a proper distance from the curtains when using the steam cleaner is necessary so you don’t over wet the curtains.

Improper Moisture Control

Pay a lot of attention to the curtain fabrics that should not be overly wet. Don’t make the mistake of soaking them up in the washing machine if you want them to last long. Your curtains may have shrinking and discoloration issues when you fail to control moisture.

Even when trying steam cleaning, make sure you maintain a distance of 6 to 10 inches from the curtains. This will help in controlling the moisture during steam cleaning your curtains.

Drying Curtains in Sunlight

Curtain fabrics should not be exposed to excessive sunlight. The heat from the sun can make your curtain fabrics weak and leads to discoloration.

It is always recommended to dry your curtains in a shade. If your curtains are too long to be taken out, you can air dry them inside your home.

Moreover, when you don’t make the mistake of over wetting your curtains, you don’t face problems with curtain drying. However, it is best to open your windows and turn on fans so your fabrics can dry within a couple of hours.

Not Relying on Professionals

Curtain steam cleaning may seem like an easy task, but it isn’t. You need proper tools, cleaning agents, and skills for getting the job done perfectly.

Unfortunately, many homeowners take matters into their hands and prefer cleaning their curtains at home despite not having proper tools and skills. They risk their curtains and sometimes end up regretting the decision.

Not hiring professionals for curtain cleaning Canberra is one mistake you should not make. Rely on experts if you are not confident enough. Let the expert do their job so you can get perfectly cleaned curtains at home that will last long!

Final Words

There it is! Now you know about the terrible mistakes you should avoid when trying curtain cleaning at home. Feel free in relying on experts for effective solutions.

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