Dirty Ducts: What You Can Do To Restore The Condition

Dirty Ducts: What You Can Do To Restore The Condition

As much as 40 pounds of the duct is generated by a family annually. This is huge, Right. But you may not be able to experience the duct unless and until someone in your family is sensitive to duct allergens. 

The particulate matter is so tiny that you cannot see them with your naked eye. But the problem becomes huge once they start settling in your air duct system. So, These particulate matters may include pet dander, cloth fabrics, and mostly the air pollutants like lint and dry grass or smoke.

There are several kinds of ducts involved in an HVAC system. You may not be able to clean each duct yourself. But some of the ducts which are not underground can be cleaned by you with some effort. You can also hire professional duct cleaning services from Ducted Heating Cleaning.

Here in this article, We will be briefing you out on the steps that you must follow to clean the dirty ducts. If you follow these steps regularly, you will be able to restore the condition of your duct system.

You must keep in mind that you will not be able to proficiently clean these ducts till their source. But superficial cleaning is possible if the problem is not severe. You can reach the registers with the least use of any high-powered truck system.  So, Some of the basic devices and tools you need to have for cleaning the ducts are-

  • Brush
  • Furnace filter
  • Gloves, face masks, or goggles
  • Rented long hose vacuum cleaner if you don’t have one
  • Compatible screwdriver to open the screws in the vent
  • Paper towels to clean the debris generated
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

Restoring the Duct System of Your House

  1. Use the screwdrivers to open the screws from the air duct covers. Make use of paper towels to cover the vents if you are not cleaning the ducts at the time. This will prevent dust from entering and leaving the vent.  So, Clean one of the vents at a time as you will be returning to clean each vent by removing the paper towels.
  2. If you have a thermostat with the fan in position, keep it in that position only. This will help you clean the dust more efficiently. As the fans move, they will move the dust outside. Break the dust buildup with light tapping using the handle of the brush.  So, This will help you remove the dust from the duct inside. 
  3. Start sweeping out the dust from the duct using the long hose of the vacuum cleaner. Move as far the hose as possible. Use the brush to loosen any buildup of hardened dust. A damp cloth will help you stick the dust more efficiently.  So, Cleaning with a damp cloth may be a tedious task. Do not forget to clean the return registers using a brush and vacuum cleaner. 
  4. Consider replacing the furnace filter if required. Replaceable filters are more affordable. They will save much of your efforts in cleaning. Once a month changing a filter is more recommendable. 


A dirty filter is similar to tobacco inhaled lungs. You should never ignore the duct cleaning system unless the system becomes more severe. Hire a professional duct cleaning services or do it yourself at your convenience.