How to Clean Various Stains on The Carpet

How to Clean Various Stains on The Carpet

No matter how often you clean the house, at some point, inevitably, you will stain fabrics and carpets, often with substances that are very difficult to remove. It can be very frustrating not to be able to clean a stain from the carpet and see it there every day, which is why we come to your aid and offer you some valuable tips to effectively remove the most difficult stains from the carpet!

How To Remove Stains From Carpet

Coffee and Tea Stains

If you drink coffee or tea every day, at some point you will still be able to pour the "performance" on the clothes, on the sofa, or the carpet. The latter can be the hardest to clean, but you shouldn't lose hope, because you don't need any ingredients to get rid of persistent coffee or tea stains, but it's essential to try to clean them as much as possible. faster. Old stains become impregnated in the fabric, and can no longer be removed 100%. You can remove them by hiring Carpet Steam Cleaning.

The ingredient that helps to remove coffee or tea stains is white vinegar mixed with a little water. Apply it on the stained area, let it sit for a while, so that it penetrates the fibres, then wipe the area by dabbing, not rubbing, so as not to stretch the stains even more.

You can also use beer to clean the carpet and you do not have to worry, because it will not stain and will not leave an unpleasant odour (it will evaporate immediately). As before, do not rub the stained area, but wipe it with a clean, soft, absorbent cloth.

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Food Stains, Vomit, or Urine

Everyone ends up staining things around the house with food, but only people who have a pet know what it means to clean up traces of vomit or urine.

The stains of vomit or urine from animals not only stain but also have a very unpleasant odour, which intensifies over time. To clean such a stain, it is very important to clean the debris immediately and wash the area as soon as possible, before the odour and colour soak into the fibres.

The key ingredient, in this case, is baking soda: you need to apply a little baking soda over the stains on the carpet, let it take effect, and then vacuum. If the stain has not completely disappeared, take a clean cloth and dab the stained area.


Chewing gum stains are probably the most frustrating, but the good news is that there are two very simple ways to get rid of gum on fibres and fabrics.

The first option is to take a bag and put ice cubes in it. After that place it over the chewing gum attached to the carpet. After it freezes and hardens, you can remove it with a knife.

The second method of Carpet Cleaning is to take a piece of baking paper or parchment paper. Put it over the gum, and iron it. The gum will come off the carpet and stick to the paper due to the heat.

Nail Polish

If you often do your manicure at home, you have to find solutions for nail polish stains on the carpet. They dry very quickly and then are very difficult to remove, so you need to act immediately. Remove these kinds of stains by using the carpet dry cleaning method.

One of the quick ways is to apply a little acetone to the affected area and wipe off the stain. But if you are afraid that you will damage the fine fibre of the carpet, you can use another solution. Mix in a bowl, in equal proportions, a little vinegar, detergent, and water. Then apply the mixture on the carpet and wipe the area with a sponge. You can also read our blog on Top 9 Benefits of Effective Carpet Cleaning.

Red Wine

In the middle of the evening, it is very possible that you pour a little red wine on your carpet. As you probably already know, red wine is very difficult to clean from fabrics.

You will be surprised by the solution to this problem. Pour a little white wine over the red wine stain to dilute the colour. Then use a damp cloth to remove it completely. You can also put a pinch of salt on the stain 10 minutes before wiping. So, you can hire the best carpet cleaning company.

As you can see, the natural ingredients are the ones that get rid of all kinds of stains most effectively. Adopt the same principle when shopping for cleaning enzymes. Use the power of these proteins to break down stains and food scraps, making them clean instead. Hire the Carpet Cleaning Service Adelaide as they know the right methods of cleaning various stains.