How to Control Pests in your Pets?

How to Control Pests in your Pets?

Every summer, not only humans are being disturbed by such household pests but also our beloved pets, whether a puppy or a kitten. 

When you see your pet stop from what he’s doing and start scratching his furry skin, act fast because pests already attack your pet!

What are the common pests usually found in pets during summer?

Fleas and Ticks are common pests found in pets during warmer months and usually attack humans as well

Let us check and be familiar with these pests in pets.

Fleas are wingless insects that can only grow up to 3 millimeters or 1/8 inch long, they are like small dots visible on a pet’s fur and sometimes in our clothes. 

They grow and continue to live through blood consumption, either from your puppy or from your skin. They move fast due to their bodies which are laterally compressed. 

Fleas can also jump vertically up to 18 centimetres and up to 33 centimetres horizontally. 

They can transfer quickly from one pet to another or to your children as their hosts, to feed, hide, and reproduce.

Fleas can cause infestation inside your home when not controlled immediately. Get help from pest control north lakes.

There are many health problems associated with fleas infestation, aside from the pain, itchiness, and swelling of some parts of your pet’s skin and your skin, such diseases may also be transmitted by fleas to humans.

If you remember the Bubonic plague, fleas caused that epidemic and killed around 50% of the European population. Also, fleas can transmit parasites like tapeworm to your pets which can be fatal if not acted upon.

On the other hand, ticks are also blood-sucking pests like fleas but bigger in size, usually 3-5 millimetres in length. 

Their feeding on your pet can stand from 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on their life stage needs.

They extract blood by cutting a hole in their host’s skin and they can detect their prospective host through the pet’s breath and body odour.

Ticks transmit diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever to humans while they can cause anemia to animals due to blood loss. 

They also cause skin irritations, itchiness, and redness on the affected area of their bites both to pets and humans.

Both fleas and ticks can be avoided from your pets through proper grooming regularly, also by taking some medications once found infected or pests’ presence. 

Ticks can be treated outside your home, better keep your backyard clean and clear with leaves litter, shrubs, or trees since their larvae are most likely crawling to those litter on the ground. 

While fleas that carried tapeworms to your puppy can be treated through veterinarian prescription of the correct medicine.

Though these pests can be treated initially, to eradicate them especially if there is already infestation in your home, definitely needs pest control experts!

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