How To Deal With HVAC Duct Sealing? DIY

How To Deal With HVAC Duct Sealing? DIY

House owners nowadays are tensed seeing the rise in utility bills in their house. Similarly, the increasing global warming has led them to use their heating and cooling systems more frequently. 

The increases in your utility bills can be due to other underlying reasons you aren’t aware of. Old and unmaintained ductwork in your HVAC system can be one of the main factors. Leaking ducts can result in the accumulation of molds, dust, and debris in your ductwork. 

You can hear weird sounds from a leaking duct. The mold growth will give off musty odors. Besides, you will be able to detect the uneven distribution of temperature in your different rooms of the house. This can be all due to leaking pipes and ducts in your heating and cooling system. 

While the leakage is not severe and much dispersed, there are chances that you can seal them off using a duct sealant at your home. While old and too much leakage can only be controlled by professional sealants. 

Here in this article, you will find a brief description of the two main types of duct sealants you can use at home. They mostly do not require formal training but prior reviewing of manufacturer’s instructions before starting with the product is a good idea. 

The HVAC Tape:

They are basically to be used on duct cleaning services. They are also known as aluminum foil tape or foil duct sealant tape in general. You need not confuse it with regular duct tape as they are not as durable as the foil tape. 

The foil tape can last as long as 7 years without drying off. They are wide enough to cover minor leaks. It is easy to use and cut. They are less messy to use and don’t take much time to stick. You can use them without any harm. 

Warning: Avoid using these tapes if you have ducts that are oily and greasy. It may not last long and fall off very soon. 

You should check on the UL label. The label tells you about the amount of heat the tape can handle effortlessly. You can find this tape in both online and offline hardware stores. 

The Mastic Duct Sealant:

The mastic duct sealant can be a better option for you as compared to the tapes as they are more durable. They are not like tapes but are available in the form of a paste. The paste hardens once you apply it to the ducts. 

You can apply the mastic sealant with the help of a paintbrush or caulk gun. You need to be careful while applying the paste. Apply it uniformly in the duct. They are mostly used to cover more than ¼ inches width of leakage. 

You can use them on outside electrical wires and other tiny pits. It is affordable and more durable. You can combine the mastic paste with other sealants like fiberglass mesh tape for better results. 


You can go for either of the options available above. They are most helpful in normal leakages. If the issue recurs frequently, you should go for professional duct cleaning experts.