How to Minimise the Carpet Clean-up after a Big Party

Parties are often full of fun, fantasy, magic and merriment. The party traditions are liked by every generation. You must keep the carpet clean even after a big party by collecting different resources, tips, hacks and advice for Professional Carpet Cleaners Melbourne.

Carpet Clean-up techniques after a big party will come in different types. Most of the Top-Rated Carpet Cleaning Company offer flexible services with ongoing help or even a one time clean to minimize the Carpet Clean-up after a big party. 

Below are some of the reliable tips that you can use to reduce the Carpet Clean-up: 

1. Open all the curtains and let some air circulate inside

The smell of alcohol or cigarette smoke is very bad. The smell of these two can also mix with sweaty guests, who danced for the whole night with zeal. The best option is to open the curtains and let the sunlight come inside. It will also help you in checking about what you are cleaning?  It does not have to be lengthy; you are cleaning up after a party during winter but will leave your home refreshed and neat.

2. Gather and discard all the empty bottles

Collect the empty glass bottles lying around, and put them in a strong bag. You can repeat the same for any leftovers. Dispose of the tight boxes too. Vacant the ashtrays, wash and put them again in the dishwasher. 

3. Arrange the Dishwasher

Put all your dinnerware, extra glasses, nibbles bowls and any other crockery items that have been used in the dishwasher. Ensure that you have checked all your rooms before starting the dishwasher. You will find the glasses at some unexpected places too.

4. Start with the room farthest away from the kitchen

The best idea is to start with the affected room that is far away from the kitchen area. it will stop you from sweeping the rooms that you have already cleaned. Start with the bathroom first, then the kitchen and the hallway at the last.

5. Clean the rooms one by one

A planned approach will help you with the most thorough cleaning. It will make your cleaning process quicker and easier. Clean the bathroom by taking on the toilet first. Clean the living room and bedrooms together. Then, go for the cleaning of the kitchen by removing already present food. Cleaning of the garden must be left for the last.

The ways of cleaning your carpet stains:

  • Cleaning the Paint, grease, and makeup

Costumes and makeup are a part of parties. The makeup things are generally oily and these spots are very worst to deal with. These stains on the carpets and upholstery need a strong spot remover and the combination of a teaspoon of detergent in a half cup of warm water. Dip a clean cloth into the solution and blot the stain. Avoid rubbing the stain. If the stain is on the wall then apply some degreaser on it and let it be there for some minutes before cleaning.

  • Vomit Stains

The vomit stains are not a thing to discuss after parties. These are like uninvited guests, and one always needs to have a strong plan for these. Immediate action can solve this problem easily. You can use an instant absorbent for turning a liquid desert into a solid. It will be easy to dispose of. The other option is to utilize a hydrogen peroxide cleaner or alcohol to get rid of the vomit stains. 

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