What Are The HVAC Duct Sealing Methods?

What Are The HVAC Duct Sealing Methods?

You may preferably ignore ductwork over the other systems in your house. This is because they are mostly not visible to people until the ducts start posing issues to your normal working. Your ductwork does the maximum work during hot summers and chilled winters, whether you realize it or not. 

Your every room is connected through different sizes of ducts so it becomes really tough if you start finding trouble in it. Due to constant ignorance from the end of homeowners, the ductwork in your house has several minor leaks. You may not realize these minor leaks initially but such small leaks may put huge dents in your monthly utility bills.

So it is better that you resolve these minor leaks immediately.  Here in this article, We will be briefing you out on some duct sealing methods. These best duct cleaning Melbourne methods are better if you want to face the issue rapidly without any external help. Consider the following three best-chosen methods.

  • Duct Sealing Tape

This process is aluminum foil tape sealing. This seal is very easy to access and can be found in most hardware stores. Avoid using this method for oily and frequently dirty ducts, and then your aluminum foil may not last long. A foil tape or butyl tape will last longer than usual tapes. These tapes will last longer than regular duct tape. A fire or smoke-rated duct pipe will destroy your regular duct tapes.

  • Mastic Duct Sealant

Tapes may seem an easier way to fix your leaking ducts but they are not durable and long-lasting. So they may prove more fatal to your ducts as the leakage may grow. A mastic duct sealant can be an easier way. It is mostly resistant to water and external dust and durable. It hardens once you have stuck it on the leaking pore on the duct. Use a simple paintbrush or caulk gun though not necessary to apply the mastic duct sealant.

You can apply the mastic duct sealant with fiberglass mesh tape for better durability. They apply to more surface area and cover the leak more efficiently. Do not confuse it with duct seal which is for external use. The duct seal is not for leaky ductwork.

  • Professional Duct Sealant

The main drawback in using mastic sealants is that they cannot be used for corner places. The mastic sealant cannot be applied on tricky and hard-to-reach positions of the duct yourself. But the duct cleaning professionals can be of great use in such inside leaking positions. Professional services use a scientifically proven method that pressurizes the leaking area and seals every identified leakage.

The professional duct cleaning services are mostly carried on by trained technicians. Professionals are much less messy and struggle-free to apply. They use computerized methods to identify leaking positions and seal them thoroughly.  


We hope the above methods help you in sealing the minor leaking ducts in your house. A few methods can be done by you but if you are facing major leakages, you should contact a duct cleaning professional to resolve the leakage.